Why Danville, CA Homeowners Choose Simonton Replacement Windows and Doors

There are a lot of great reasons to replace the windows in your Danville home. Maybe your current windows don’t open and close well—or at all—anymore, or they let in the heat and the cold from outside, or they do nothing to keep out noise. Whatever the reason for replacing your windows, you want to make sure you select new windows that will give you the performance you’re looking for. If your windows are old, single pane windows that are original to your home, just about any type of new windows will be an improvement. But as long as you’re upgrading, you may as well get windows that are highly rated for things like energy efficiency, sound suppression, and security.

One brand of replacement windows that many Danville homeowners choose is Simonton. Simonton replacement windows receive great reviews from homeowners and industry professionals alike.

Here’s what Michal Kuron, the owner of a replacement window company that serves Danville and the surrounding areas, had to say about Simonton replacement windows and doors: “Our company has been selling Simonton products for many years, and our customers love them! Not only are they high-quality windows and doors, but they also come with a great warranty. We currently sell the Madeira and the Daylight Max lines of Simonton windows because they come standard with many of the features that Danville homeowners are looking for. They come at a great price point that is affordable to most Danville homeowners. The biggest difference between the two lines is the frame style. Daylight Max windows from Simonton have a slim frame design that looks great in homes with a modern style. Madeira windows, on the other hand, have a thicker frame that mimics the look of classic wood windows, and complement more traditional home designs.”

The Simonton window warranty mentioned by Kuron is one of the best in the replacement window industry. Both the Madeira and Daylight Max lines come with a double lifetime warranty that covers the glass, vinyl frames, and hardware. (The window screens are only covered for one year, and exterior coatings are covered for 10 years.) A double lifetime warranty means that any window that is found to be defective will be repaired or replaced by Simonton for as long as the purchaser owns their home. In addition, the original purchaser of the windows can transfer the warranty to the next owner of the home, who will then also be covered for as long as they own the home.

Simonton windows get great marks for their energy efficiency. In third-party testing, their windows have been shown to be excellent at keeping out the heat and the cold, which means homeowners can use a lot less energy keeping their homes at a comfortable temperature. The Madeira line of windows has even been given an “Energy Star Most Efficient 2023” designation from the federal government’s Energy Star program. When homeowners purchase windows with this designation, they are qualified to receive a federal tax credit of up to $600!

Finally, dual pane windows from Simonton help keep Danville homes insulated from outside noise. The two panes of glass, as well as the special gas that is pumped in between the panes, work to keep homes quieter—even if for homes located near busy streets.

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