Top ways to improve heat efficiency in your home


Is your house a little on the chilly side and expensive to heat up too? With over half of us using less fuel due to cost-of-living increases, it’s vital you make what energy you do use go as far as possible. And by carrying out improvements as we head into summer, you’ll be better placed once the colder months come back around.

Thankfully the price we currently pay for energy looks set to drop considerably come July, as confirmed by the energy regulator to financial expert Martin Lewis. Still, with a little research, work and investment, your home could feel noticeably more comfortable and work more efficiently.

Whatever the weather, here are some of the most effective ways to improve your home’s heat efficiency.


Do you sometimes feel cooler air or even a breeze coming from your windows and doors? If so, draughtproofing is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can carry out, improving seals with relatively simple tools and materials.

Your energy savings won’t be huge, but your home will feel more comfortable to live and move around in.

Pipe insulation

Insulating your hot water pipe is another quick and easy fix for wasted energy. Like draughtproofing, you’ll reduce the amount of heat you lose from your system, as well as preventing pipes from freezing and subsequently bursting in winter.

You can install pipe insulation yourself with relative ease using foam insulation tubes.

Heating controls

Do you wish you could set the temperature in your home a little easier? Having smart heating controls allows you to maintain different temperatures for different rooms and times of day to suit your lifestyle. You can set the heating to automatically turn on and off as well as controlling it spontaneously.

Thermostatic radiator valves are key components, allowing you to control the temperature of individual radiators.

Air curtains

Among the lesser-known options for improving heat efficiency, air curtains are fan-powered devices that create invisible barriers between separate spaces without getting in your way. They can trap in cooled air in the summer too.

You can mount air curtains above or on the side of the door, making sure to cover the full entrance width to avoid gaps in your air stream.

Boiler upgrades

Is your boiler on the blink? Modern boilers are far more efficient than older models, so it could be worth replacing yours if it’s older than 10 years.

Condensing boilers are an especially efficient choice. The right type for you will ultimately depend on your home and usage needs, but you could enjoy significant savings regardless.

Could any of these heating upgrades do the trick for your home? If using professionals for installation or repairs, make sure to collect at least a couple of quotes from reputable sources for comparison.

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