Tips on effective billboard designs

The influence of traditional marketing techniques cannot be ignored even with the surge of online marketing. And one prominent of these is the outdoor billboards. It’s a perfect way of executing traditional marketing and so effective that you can get over 60% of the local market share if done well. Now, that doesn’t

happen by its mention; you’ve to put lots of effort, lay down the right strategy, and most importantly, get a design professional who is experienced and well versed with billboards.

This article focuses on the best tips for effective billboards, so you know what to look for when doing billboards.

Think about this; statistics show that the cost of managing a billboard gold coast is 80% less than a TV ad; 70% of customers look for messages on billboards. Most importantly, 30% of those who see the advert on the billboard visit the store for purchase.

Let’s get to the tips now.

Clarity of view

With this marketing strategy, you’ve a few seconds to communicate your message to your intended audience, so the need for clarity cannot be overemphasized. The clarity of the billboard is about the readability of the message. Thus the design you choose should make the billboard readable; learn more about top Gold Coast billboard designers. Even if the design is so appealing and not legible, then it’s worthless. The legibility must be mastered first before you think of creativity. This is done by using large font texts, keeping the text short and simple, using contrasting colors for text and background, and making sure you don’t clutter the billboard with many images.

Compliance with the area

The billboard allows you to be creative in your design, and you have the opportunity to get creative using the location you want to place it. That means you can use the demography and geography in your area to bring the message closer home.

You’re probably in an area with a landmark- having it in your design improves its personality, and many can relate to it. Think about those billboards that you see along the highway directing you to some food court. It’s easier for the prospect to visit your store when they’ve seen a design about your business and which speaks to the location of your business.

Using appropriate CTA

Doing a billboards gold coast design without the relevant CTAs in your ads is a wasted opportunity. Regardless of the medium you’re using; you need CTAs. This is the trigger button for the target customers to become the loyal customers you’re looking for. It’s a perfect means of achieving your end objective.


Consistency is one thing that differentiates a regular product by a renowned brand. This is what you need to ensure for your billboard design; it’s a perfect branding strategy. When you use some fixed elements in your design, your customers can easily remember and relate no matter where the billboard is.

When it comes to billboards, it’s a tailored outdoor media that you can take advantage of to grow your business to greater heights. Choose the right designer and make sure it is as clear as possible and appealing. Be the first consumer; whatever doesn’t appeal to you won’t appeal to your target audience.

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