Texas Real Estate Commissions

TREC or Texas Real Estate Commission is really a government body which was produced in 1949 to manage four specific laws and regulations for example real estate license act, real estate inspector act, residential company act and Texas timeshare act.

TREC regulates activities of real estate brokers, salespeople, inspectors, residential service companies, timeshare developers and education providers for real estate and inspection courses. Primary reason for TREC would be to safeguard legal legal rights of citizens of Texas and give them honest, reliable and competent real estate service. The commission reviews programs coping with education providers for real estate and inspection courses. It attempts to identify and regulate errors and downsides contained in it.

TREC makes it mandatory for real estate brokers and salespersons to keep specified amounts of education to be able to hold a legitimate license to operate like a real estate agent. Provisions of real estate license act and rules of Texas real estate commission are binding on all real estate agents and professionals to be able to provide customers having a competent and honest service. TREC also gives licenses to real estate inspectors, agents, residential service companies and real estate schools. This commission also does registration of timeshare qualities.

Texas Real Estate Commission has statutory relations with three condition entities namely, real estate center at Texas A&M College, Texas department of savings and mortgage lending and Texas appraiser licensing and certification board. The commission has partnership with Texas A&M University’s real estate center for performing research with some education projects. Additionally, it appoints two people to large financial company advisory committee of Department of savings and mortgage lending. Issues associated with real estate licensees and lenders are resolved by cooperating with this particular agency. Commission also offers signed a memorandum of understanding with Texas appraiser licensing and certification board to which it offers administrative support for them, which meets the approval of their governing physiques.

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