Sunglasses: Wild Shapes Are Good – If You Can Pull Them Off

People who keep up with the latest trends in designer sunglasses are not surprised to see some of the wild shapes that make their way to store shelves every summer. One of the stranger shapes to appear thus far in 2019 is the heart. Heart-shaped sunglasses are not new, but this year’s look is a little bit different.

One particular brand starts with a flat profile. The sunglasses themselves have virtually no curve to the front face. The frames look as though they were made from plastic and then put into a press to flatten them out. And that brings us to the heart shape.

Imagine a proportional heart. Now, take one of the rounded corners at the top and pull upwards and to the side – at about thirty-five degrees. Leave the point at the top rather than rounding it and you have what appears to be a heart flared in an upward direction. Now, mirror that image and put it on the other side. That is what this pair sunglasses looks like.

Sunglasses for Every Occasion

You could make the case that these heart-shaped sunglasses are suitable for any occasion. They are playful and even maybe a bit impish, making them ideal for the beach or a day picnicking with friends. The flatness of the frames adds a measure of elegance. That makes them suitable for more formal gatherings. Get them in basic black and they will go with any outfit you are wearing.

The only catch with these particular sunglasses is that the altered shape doesn’t work with every face. If you’ve ever shopped for sunglasses based on your own facial profile, you know exactly what the issue is here. Heart-shaped sunglasses are more or less oversized sunglasses that will overwhelm a smaller face.

The flared shape also doesn’t work well for someone whose face is rounded. There is too much of a contrast there. They do work well for longer, more oval faces and for those with well-defined cheekbones.

A Bit Ostentatious

Sunglasses can be a problem in terms of matching a person’s fashion sense, according to the people behind the Olympic Eyewear brand. Something like heart-shaped frames could be perceived as a bit ostentatious among certain members of the fashionista crowd. So they have to be worn judiciously. This is where ‘pulling it off’ comes into play.

The most well-known model in the fashion industry could get away with heart-shaped sunglasses anytime, anywhere, and while wearing anything. Dittos for eccentric celebrities like Elton John and Dennis Rodman. But the rest of us do not necessarily have that sort of fashion freedom.

Being able to pull off heart-shaped sunglasses requires a bit of moxie. It requires quite a bit of self-confidence, a willingness to assert yourself, and a certain amount of pride in yourself as a person. Needless to say that odd shapes are not for people who lack confidence. They aren’t for people who walk with their eyes toward the ground.

A History of Odd Shapes

Olympic Eyewear reminds readers that the designer eyewear industry has a history of coming up with some odd shapes. Hearts aren’t even the worst of it. In years past we have seen ‘traditional’ shapes like squares and triangles. We’ve also seen more eccentric choices including flamingos, open lips, octagons, globes, cars, trucks, and so forth.

A decent pair of wayfarers or aviators is good for most of us. But for those who can pull them off, sunglasses with odd shapes are the bomb. How about you? Could you pull off a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses?

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