Signs that you need eye checkup

Sometimes it’s an itch that you have in your eyes, and you think it’s something that will disappear in a short span only to realize that it’s a condition that is full-blown. Having an eye exam regularly, say every year, will help identify any early signs, and then the ophthalmologist can administer corrective measures in advance before the situation deteriorates.

You may not easily notice when you have an eyesight problem, and that’s why the article you’re reading will give you signs that will tell you that you need an eye check-up.

Blurred vision

If you can recognize something or someone you used to some ten steps away or when brought too near to the eye, then you’re probably developing farsightedness or shortsightedness. In addition, if you can’t see things, whether near or far, that’s astigmatism, a condition that involves curvature of the cornea or eye lens. But if you have a mild blurry vision, take a rest and keep hydrated, but if the blurry vision persists, you have to seek some medical exam.

Difficult when at the computer

Most people tend to blame it on work; because they have been working all day long, they can’t see well. As true as that may, frequently, it’s not about the computer, but you could be having a farsightedness condition. The 20-20-20 rule is recommended here; Look some 20 meters away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. If you have a challenge here, schedule an appointment with a reputable eye clinic.

Difficulty viewing things at night

If you no longer see clearly at night as you used to, those could be the early signs of cataracts and should be examined as soon as possible. Sometimes you may think it normal to have difficulties seeing at night, but the issue comes in when you have the lights, and even with full lights, you can’t see well; it’s a sign that you need to see an eye specialist for a check-up and correction.

Difficulty in adjusting from light to dark and vise versa

If you’re taking too long to see after you’ve come to light from darkness or vise versa, the chances are that the iris muscles that help in expanding and contracting are getting weak. Most likely, it’s because of age. But before you conclude, you must get it from an eye specialist.

Fatigue or eye strain

You probably feel like your eyes are wearing out after like 30 minutes as 2 hours did a year ago. Eye fatigue comes when you’ve blurry vision or when you regularly blink to bring things into focus. This can also come through the mobile phone addition where you keep staring at the phone or writing every day staring on those pages; the muscles tend to get tired.


The system helping the cornea and lens focus on an image can sometimes fail. When it fails, the small muscles in the eye are forced to work extra harder to compensate. That leads to strain which translates to headaches.

Even before you experience the minutest of challenges or signs with your eyesight, you must visit a San Antonio LASIK professional once in a while and get checked. Most eye conditions are easily prevented than treated. Just contact a reputable eye clinic and book an appointment, and you’ll get the best eyesight solutions.

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