Signs Of Toenail Fungus Which You Should Know

Toenail fungus is a kind of infection that affects your toenail. Besides, with toenail fungus your nails may become weak, thick and yellow. This condition is also known as onychomycosis. This problem becomes more common as you get older. Toenail fungus is a condition which occurs when the fungus gets in between your toenails and toenail bed.

If you experience this condition then you must immediately contact a good podiatrist in your location. The reason for this is if this problem becomes severe, it might result in various other problems. The commonly recommended treatment for this problem is laser treatment. Laser treatment for toenail fungus is popular for its effective results.

Whom you should contact for laser toenail fungus removal? You should always contact a specialist to get rid of problems like toenail fungus. As podiatrists provide the best treatment for such problems, find a good podiatrist in your location and take the appointment. Podiatrist in Irvine is one of the most popular and reputed sites online, which helps you take an appointment from the popular podiatrist Dr. Soltani. Visit this site immediately to find a quick solution to your problem.

Is toenail infection contagious?

Many forms of toenail fungus are very infectious. Through direct touch, an infected individual can spread this fungus to others. But using toenail laser treatment you can get rid of the problem quickly.

What causes toenail infection?

Toenails can be affected by a variety of fungus. The majority of such fungal infections are caused by dermatophytes (a form of mould). Dermatophytes are fungi that live on the skin.  Besides, Keratin present in your toenails, is what they eat. Keratin is a protein that hardens the nails. Toenail fungus is quite common these days, especially among the older people.

Onychomycosis affects one out of every ten persons, according to medical specialists. For adults over the age of 70, this percentage rises to 1 in 2 (50 percent). Walking barefoot in the public areas can increase the risk for toenail fungus. Using a public room for your shower can also cause this problem. When it comes to the toenail fungus they may spread to other toenails, groin area and scalp.

Who is at the risk for toenail fungus?

The people with below conditions will be at the higher risk for toenail fungus.

  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Athletes Foot
  • Diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Nail Injury

What are the signs of toenail infection?

  • If you observe change in your nail color then you must immediately contact a podiatrist. With toenail infection your nails turn chalky, white or yellow. If your nails turn green or brown, its something more serious. It indicates that the infection has gone out of hand and invaded your toe.
  • You nails becomes very weak due to this infection. In fact, your nails easily break due to this condition.
  • If your nails curl upward or downward, it can be because of fungal infection. Understand that this infection is trying to break the link between your toe and nails.

Take the appointment from a reputed podiatrist in your location today for laser nail fungus treatment.

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