Should You Start Your Own Business?

If you have ever dreamed about working for yourself, then maybe the idea of starting your own business is one that appeals to you. And there are a ton of great reasons to get started. For starters, you will be free to make all the decisions about how and when you work, what you sell, and when you take your vacations. You will not have to answer to anyone else or be expected to do things with which you do not agree.

Being your own boss gives you greater freedom and a much better work/life balance. If you have small children, you can work around them and will not be expected to clock in and out at specific times. So, if all this has not convinced you to get started, the following are a few more reasons to possibly entice you:

Advantages of Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss means being able to have a say in who you work with and who you do business with. You do not have to dread going into the office every day because of a difficult co-worker as all the hiring and firing will be your decision.

You can choose to sell specific products or services that you have a genuine interest in. For example, take Voyager Harness. This New York-based retailer sells products such as the step-in harness for dogs. Their mission was to make high quality affordable harnesses available for pets and their parents.

Maybe your passion will lie in selling ethically sourced clothing, or perhaps you have a love of cleaning and want to share your tips and hacks with others. Whatever it is, you can reap all the rewards when you have your own business.

Are There Downsides to Having Your Own Business?

There is no point in sugar-coating things – starting up a business can be tough. There are a ton of great reasons to work for yourself, but you need to be realistic and realize that there is also some risk. Although you can start some businesses with little to no capital investment, there are some that will require you to invest much of your life savings. You might feel so passionately about your business idea that you are willing to risk everything you have. Before you do this though, take the time to get some expert financial advice and learn as much as possible about what is involved.

You should also be aware that while you can achieve a good work/life balance when you are your own boss, this can be difficult in the early days while you try to get your business off the ground. It is worth remembering that when you work for yourself you might only get paid for the time that you are working. This is why many business owners rarely take vacations, especially at the beginning.

Another massive downside for some people is the fact that they need to do some jobs that they don’t really like. When you work for someone else, you can pretty much stick to your duties and that is it. Being your own boss means you might initially get stuck taking care of jobs you do not really enjoy. This could include administrative tasks as well as HR duties. It will be your job to hire (and fire) staff, and this might be something that you find really unpleasant, particularly if your strengths lie in a more creative direction.

Starting your own business can be extremely rewarding. Provided the benefits outweigh the negatives, you might find that it is the best decision you ever made.

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