Scoring topics in NCERT class 7 science

Science has been the most interesting subject from the start. When you start to know more about the things around you, you feel involved. As you go ahead in classes, you will recognize many living objects that you even haven’t seen before. You will get to know that they are lying around you from the start. Isn’t it interesting to know about the organisms or simply some living objects that you haven’t seen ever but are still there to maintain an ecosystem so you can live? 

It has been observed that science has always been interesting. Class 7 is the subject where you get to know many things that are present in the universe, and you probably didn’t know about them before. You will learn many new processes that happen in nature to provide the life you are enjoying today. You will get familiar with such minute organisms that you haven’t ever thought of before. You will get to know how the planet Earth has developed along with other planets.

In class 7, you will learn about all these things in a little bit of detail so you can start understanding them. This class is the stage for you to form a career in science. The more you will understand things more deeply, the more you will start perceiving things that are there in your book. You will start to develop new and interesting questions to know more about all these things. The best book you must consider for class 7 science is the NCERT Science book. Once you start to understand things better with the logic behind every concept, science will become the most interesting yet scoring subject that you will ever come across. 

The NCERT book for class 7 science is written and structured in a very interesting way. The curriculum is divided into interesting chapters to give you proper knowledge about each aspect of nature. You will find activities and questions related to each new concept you will come across in each chapter. Each chapter will give you information about the things you can’t even see or feel around yourself. There are some of the important yet interesting chapters in the Class 7 Science NCERT textbook that you go through well. These topics will help you score high marks in your exam and will also increase your innovative thinking. These topics will broaden your level of seeing and observing things around you. 

Here, we have listed some of the important chapters from NCERT class 7 science that you must read and understand thoroughly. These are the most scoring sections from the whole curriculum. These chapters have topics from which most of your questions will be prepared in your exam. You can take these topics into account and practice as many questions as you can. It will help you to give your 100% in the exam. Following are the chapters from the class 7 science course curriculum that is high scoring and essential from the exam’s point of view:

Chapter 3- Fibre and Fabric

Chapter 5- Acids, Bases, and Salts

Chapter 10- Respiration in Organisms

Chapter 11- Transportation in Plants and Animals

Chapter 13- Motion and Time

Chapter 14- Electric Current and its Effects

Chapter 17- Forests: Our Lifeline

These are the chapters that will have the highest weightage in your class 7 science exam. You must understand these chapters in-depth to know how to solve tangled questions also. Apart from the vital chapters, each chapter that you have in your NCERT Science textbook for class 7, there are some essential topics that you must know about very well before going for your exam. You will get 1 or 2 questions from these vital topics in your exam.

Here is a list of highly essential topics of class 7 Science curriculum:

Food Synthesis in Green Plants Soil Profile at Different Places on Earth
Human Digestion System Respiration System of Humans
Silk Processing Heart
Conduction, Radiation, and Convection  Reproduction Methods of Plants
Natural Indicators Time, Distance Graph
Copper Sulphate Crystal Preparation Electric Circuit Diagram
Weather V/s Climate Laws of Reflection on Light
Cyclones and Earthquakes Groundwater
Rainwater Harvesting Concave and Convex Lenses
Deforestation Water Filtration and its methods

These are the highly essential topics for the class 7 NCERT science curriculum. You must read these topics and understand each of them with their literal meaning. It is also essential to understand and relate all these topics to the real world. Doing this can help you apply the concepts in your real life. It will result in keeping the concepts and their meaning in mind more effectively. 

After knowing the essential concepts that you learn for your exam purpose, it is also vital to practice enough questions related to these topics. You never know what kind of question you get during your exam. Maybe the information would be the same, but the language of the question may make you think. You may wonder what the question is demanding. To avoid such confusion during the exam, you wouldn’t have much time to invest your precious minutes thinking about what the question is trying to ask. You must go through as many questions as you can. 

You can practice NCERT Science Class 7 questions by observing the solutions provided to you in the form of PDFs or guides. These solutions will give you an idea of how to format your responses to the questions asked so you can score high marks in each question. These solutions are prepared by subject experts. They will give you a proper knowledge of how to put all the required information in limited words so that the teacher will love your responses. 

If you practice as many questions as you can, you surely can score high grades in a subject like science. It is a kind of subject that will grab your interest towards itself automatically. 

You will love to learn new things. You must keep in mind that practising several types of questions and understanding the high-scoring topics can help you to score the highest marks in the subject. 

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