Sameday Health Revolutionizes Medical Services Delivery

At Sameday Health, delivering medical services in today’s world means taking a page from the history books. After the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, patient care changed forever. Now that new technology can support it, medical offices began to offer virtual office consultations so that patients could maintain social distancing and stay as safe as possible. However, Sameday Health realized that this is not enough.

Sameday Health recognized that more is needed to address patients who do not want to waste time in doctors’ offices, who are not able to get to the doctor for certain tests, or who simply wish to have privacy for things such as STD testing.

These are the reasons why Sameday Health has brought back a service that people in the past had; house calls. Calling their “new” service House Calls, Sameday Health offers at-home medical services in many cities throughout the country.

About Sameday Health

Sameday Health is a nationwide provider of medical services. They have over 40 clinics, dotted throughout 13 cities. While not all of their medical services are available in all locations, patients have a medley of medical services to choose from. They include:

At-home STD Tests

Many people are embarrassed about being tested for STDs. However, submitting to these tests in the home through Sameday Health House Calls makes the whole process much easier.

COVID-19 Tests

Whether patients need rapid antigen testing, fast, non-invasive RT-PCR, and rapid NAAT for COVID-19, they can rely on House Calls by Sameday Health. Fast results are available on the Sameday Health patient portal. Lab reports are also available, suitable for travel reasons.

At-home Wellness Injections

The following wellness injections support overall health. They include:

  • Muscle boost injection
  • Beauty boost injection
  • Weight loss boost injection
  • Energy boost injection
  • Immunity boost injection

Same-day Health Assessments

Same-day health assessments by Sameday Health House Calls are comprised of screenings and panels that check for appropriate levels of hormones, vitamins, and more, via blood and urine samples. Right now, these assessments are available solely in Los Angeles.

  • So Cal Allergy Panel
  • Male Hormone Panel
  • Female Hormone Panel
  • Food Allergy Panel
  • General Wellness Screen
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Vitamin Panel
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Inflammation Panel

The details of these panels and screenings can be found on the Sameday Health website.

IV Drip Therapy

Along with providing STD testing, Sameday Health also provides at-home IV drips that are designed to rapidly and effectively treat the side effects of common issues including dehydration, mental confusion, lack of sleep, and more. The body may quickly assimilate nutrients when vitamins are given straight into the bloodstream.

Time is precious, and Sameday Health’s new House Calls service allows patients to save time while still receiving top-notch medical treatment. The straightforward procedure enables patients to avoid previously dreaded lineups and obtain care from a team of top healthcare specialists trained to prioritize patients in the comfort of their own homes. By reviving the long-standing practice of doctors making house calls, this new service aims to transform the healthcare sector.

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