NEET Chemistry Study Plan and Preparation Strategy 2021

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is an all India pre-medical entrance test for those who want to pursue an undergraduate medical course in government and private institutions in India. NEET is the only entrance for admission to medical colleges in India, that’s why it is hard to clear the exam for everyone.

NEET aspirants think that chemistry is a tough subject, but in reality, it is an easy and scoring subject. First of all, you need to know that chemistry comprises three parts in the medical exam:

  • Physical chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry

In NEET, they all have equal weightage but they are not the same. You have to prepare smarty.

Most of the numerical questions are asked from physical chemistry and physical chemistry contains mostly numerical problems. For this part, you need to work on calculations and the application of concepts. Physical chemistry is not a subject to mug up the things, you have to work on the application. This part needs your speed with accuracy, so you have to work on speed and should be good in calculation.

Inorganic chemistry mainly contains basic chemistry like periodicity, the structure of compounds and electronic configuration. For this part, you have to remember so many facts and equations. You should enhance your skills and practice on a regular basis. It is not easy to remember facts just before the exam, you have to learn them on a regular basis and revise them after frequent intervals.

Organic Chemistry revolves around the reaction of organic compounds. In organic chemistry, you have to deal with different reactions, important topics and mechanisms of reaction. This also includes the inductive effect and resonance. So here are some plans and strategies that help you to study chemistry effectively.

Self-made notes during classroom teaching

Learning is improved by writing. Any student who is writing notes during teaching is more attentive than others. If you are preparing notes in the classroom then you have to study them again thoroughly. This practice makes you confident and when you solve these examples twice will help you to retain the information for a long time. Also, remember that your notes cover all the aspects of each topic, during exams only these notes help you to study. Making notes is a scientifically proven fact that this one is a best practice for learning.

Prefer NCERT, NEET, and AIIMS Books

NCERT’s books are the foundation of all other books. Approximately 70% of questions are asked from NCERT textbooks. Important Questions for NEET Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry and some basic concepts of chemistry are often asked from NCERT books. Best NEET and AIIMS books not only enhance your preparation but also help to clear your concepts. These books are provided with exam-oriented materials. These books are also suggested by the medical examination board, they contain the latest syllabus and question paper pattern. There are so many books available in the market but these above-mentioned books are the basis of all books.

Solve AIIMS and NEET previous papers

All the medical exams are conducted online, so you have to understand how things are working. You must have an idea about online exam patterns and questions. Previous papers help us to know which topics of chemistry are frequently asked in exams. This practice gives an adequate idea of the exam and helps in your comprehensive exam preparation. Solving previous papers is the key to understanding your preparation and you can improve your weak topics.

Proper revision strategy

It is better to be the best. Continuous learning is good but it is difficult to retain the concepts of chemistry for a long time. If you have a proper revision strategy then you can retain things for a long time. Revision is the most important part of preparation so you should revise all the concepts regularly. Attempt to solve 40 to 50 questions of every topic. Every time you revise the chapter try to pick the same questions again. In chemistry, it helps you to remember facts, figures, concepts and methodology that you have covered some time ago.

Mistakes correction

As a student, it is not good to ignore your mistakes. While solving the papers and examples, it is a must to note down your mistakes and topics in which you feel the complexity. It is one of the most important parts of chemistry to enhance your mistakes. If you work on your mistakes, the chance of mistakes will be reduced over time.

Join test series

There are so many coaching classes that are providing test series. This test series will analyse your preparation and will report your weak topics. Then you just have to prepare the topics and revise

them again. This test series covers all aspects of your preparation and will also indicate your practice on some topics that are time-consuming for you. This test will help you to improve your speed with accuracy. This practice will help you to make familiar with online exams and learn about the use of the system.

Do proper exercise and take a healthy meal

It is a good habit to exercise regularly. For a student, it is compulsory to breathe fresh air and spend some time with a calm mind. A fresh mind will lead you to retain concepts properly and for a long time. Also, include a healthy diet on the exam days, which will help you to prevent unwanted illness. A healthy meal helps your internal system and avoid basic problems like headaches, acidity, etc.

Stay motivated

Most of the time students are nervous about their preparation. They have to stay motivated with a positive mindset. Your positive mindset decides the effectiveness of learning. A negative approach will make things difficult. When you start thinking positively, your brain shows better creativity.

So, it is better to adopt the above-mentioned plans and strategies which will be helpful for all students who are going to prepare for NEET. Chemistry is not a tough subject and you don’t have to worry about that. You just practice and revise all methodologies and concepts.

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