Michael Moussa Adamo, The FM of Gabon, Dies of Heart Attack: Varadkar Expresses Regret Over The Protocol Of Northern Ireland

Michael Moussa Adamo, the foreign minister of Gabon, died of a heart attack on Friday during a cabinet meeting. In a tweet on a microblogging site, Ali Bongo Ondimba, the president of Gabon, said he is a true salesman and great diplomat.

Tributes started pouring on social media on January 20, 2023. According to the available information, the 62-year-old former ambassador to the US experienced a heart attack at the beginning of a cabinet meeting and felt unwell. Michael was admitted to the hospital immediately around noon and his life could not be saved despite significant efforts by the specialists. He also worked as a special advisor to Ali Bongo.

Condolences pouring in from across the world

In the latest breaking news, Christian Dennys-McClure expressed his deepest condolences for Michael. He praised Michael as a true friend and offered prayers to his family members, the Gabonese people, and the Gabonese Government.

On hearing the news about the sudden demise of Michael, Savina Ammassari offered her heartfelt condolences to his family members on behalf of the UN. Abdulla Shahid said extremely saddened and shocked to know about the untimely death of Michael, his dear friend, and offered his deepest condolences to bereaved family members. He further said he misses the wise advice and friendship.

Commenting on the sudden demise of Michael, Abdoul Salam said he is a great diplomat to the US and still remembers the memoirs of this great minister. He offered condolences to the Gabonese government and Michael’s family.

Leo Varadkar Expresses Regret Over Imposing The Protocol On Northern Ireland

In the latest BNN News, Leo Varadkar, the Ireland prime minister, expressed his displeasure over imposing the protocol on Northern Ireland without taking the nod of nationalists and unionists. In Davos at the World Economic Forum, he said the measures are working and thought the protocol weakened the unions.

The protocol, which is implemented in 2021, is a contentious issue and keeps the nation in line with the trade rules of the EU after Brexit. Unionists said the protocol undermined the place of Northern Ireland within the UK. According to the main concern of Mr. Leo, the protocol is imposed without taking the confidence and support of the unions. It is implemented in the same way Brexit was imposed without the consent of both communities. It seems the government of Northern Ireland is not working according to Leo.

Leo said the protocol is working and good for the economy citing blurred borders between the Republic and Northern Ireland. In an interview at the Economic Forum in Davos, he said the economy of Northern Ireland is outperforming that of the UK.

Mr. Leo further said the deal between the UK and the EU expects to happen soon about the Northern Ireland protocol with flexibility between both sides. However, it will not happen before the Belfast agreement’s 25th anniversary in April.

It is a necessity to agree on the protocol and Northern Ireland’s institutions are working on this. Both the UK and EU are continuing the negotiations on the protocol and expect to achieve a breakthrough soon.

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