Mark Roemer Oakland Considers Reasons to Love Winter


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, many people have a bittersweet relationship with the winter season. The gripping cold and the snowfalls can get annoying but there is plenty of fun to be had if you just allow yourself to relax and make the best use of the cold weather.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons to love winter:

  1. You can enjoy relaxing activities – Winter is the only season when you can just lie on your bed under a cozy blanket without feeling guilty. According to studies, proper sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and body and the cold weather definitely helps to facilitate that.

During the summer, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities but when the cold season arrives you can become a bookworm and read your favorite books while petting your pets and having a hot drink.

  1. You can enjoy hot drinks and meals – Who doesn’t love to have a cup of hot chocolate during the winter? Well, winter is the best season to enjoy lip-smacking meals and you can indulge in all your favorite comfort food without having to worry about maintaining a diet plan. During the cold weather, most people tend to stay inside their homes, let alone flaunt their beach bodies wearing their favorite bikinis on a beach.

During the cold season, you can spend hours in your kitchen cooking delightful meals on a slow cooker without feeling the heat whatsoever. Plus, you can enjoy tasty fruits such as mandarins, oranges, and lemons to keep the cold at bay and enjoy a warm bowl of your favorite homemade soup whenever you like.

  1. It’s a great time to bond with friends and family – The arrival of the winter season feels like a fresh start and many people like to create new targets or set new fitness goals. It’s the perfect time to forgive and forget and spend some time with your friends and family members. During the winter, you can enjoy the beauty and wonder of all things frozen and participate in exclusive winter activities such as ice surfing, ice skating, snow polo, and more with your loved ones.

Plus, you can wake up every morning cuddling next to your partner or enjoy the cold weekends chilling in hot tubs or saunas to reinvigorate your immune system and truly enjoy the cold weather.

  1. You don’t have to deal with bugs – Dealing with buzzing insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and wasps is one of the most annoying things to combat during the hot summer months. Fortunately, the winter not only allows you to enjoy the freshest air but also allows you to remain worry-free about nasty bugs.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you hit the slopes during the winter whether you like to sled, snowboard, ski, or hike. Heading outdoors and spending some time in nature is much more convenient during the colder months since you don’t have to battle high heat or deal with the annoyance of sweating. It would allow you to get a good workout and enable you to remain active.

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