Rust results when a machine containing iron or an iron alloy gets exposed to moisture and oxygen for a prolonged period. It is a common problem, especially if your machinery store or shop is situated in a humid area. Rust is a big problem since it ruins the functionality and appeal of your machinery, which can be very costly. Luckily, there is a way out. Small preventative practices can go a long way in saving your machinery from rusting. Here are the best ways to prevent your machinery from rusting in any situation.

Apply oil

Applying oil to your kor pak machinery and its parts not only lubricates it to reduce friction but also reduces the chances of the parts rusting. Oil forms a protective barrier on the parts. When the machine has an oil coating, moisture has no way of getting to the iron for a reaction, leading to rusting. Oiling is a simple way to prevent rusting, but you need to do it repeatedly.

Keep the air in your storage room dry.

If possible, it is important to control the internal environment of your machinery storage room. Humidity is the number one factor that leads to rusting. Therefore, it is best to find a way of keeping the air dry. Installing an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, or a fan to balance the humidity and temperature is a good option. However, keeping the doors of the storage room closed as much as you can is a practical solution.

Paint the metal

Painting is another good way to prevent your machinery from rusting as it creates a protective layer against moisture. Some argue that no barrier can prevent moisture from getting through, but painting certainly slows down the process. Painting also allows you to make the machinery more appealing as you can add a different color as a finish.

Ensure you use the right paint that will adhere to the metal, so you should be mindful of any finishes already on the metal. Again, ensure you fill in the welded joint and bolts because the areas might start to rust if not filled well with paint.

Treat with rust preventive products.

Another solution is to treat your machinery with rust preventive products. Such products are designed to form a protective coat over the metal parts, inhibiting moisture from getting to the iron. Using rust preventive products on the machinery is one of the easiest and less expensive methods of keeping them rust-free.


A galvanized metal part means that it has a zinc coating. Galvanizing comes as a handy solution to keep metal parts rust-free because zinc corrodes 30times slower than iron. Therefore, galvanizing can be a less expensive and effective way to keep your machinery rust-free.

Move the most sensitive tools to a drier area.

Another practical solution to keep your machinery from rusting is moving the most sensitive ones to a drier area. Keeping the tools near the door exposes them to outside elements, increasing their susceptibility to rust.

The bottom line

Just like many other things, preventative measures come in handy to keep your machinery rust-free. Preventing rusting on your machines saves you money, time, and frustrations in the future.

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