How To Create Engaging Packaging Design For Your Cosmetic Brand

Packaging design plays a huge role in differentiating one brand from its competitors. Customers are not able to try each beauty care products available to find out the one that performs well. Comparison shopping is easy. Packaging holds the most relevant data like –

  • Safety standard practiced
  • Proper testing conducted
  • Healthiest ingredients used
  • Hygienic manufacturing process implemented

Customers depend on what they see, feel as well as experience through the packaged cosmetic boxes for making a purchase decision. Therefore visual appeal needs to be persuasive and simultaneously maintain brand image. Startups or less established cosmetic firms need to consider their packaging design more seriously.

The purchase decision occurs while browsing across the shelf. Customers look for some seconds at the product’s shape, color, and wordings. As soon as, they find this preferable they move to make more detailed analysis of the packaging. It includes material used, uniqueness, safety and presentation.

Consider the factors to create practical packaging design

  • Know your target market
  • Send right brand message for awareness
  • Consider distribution and marketplace strategy

Product packaging layers

Three layers of single product packaging are –

  1. Outer layer is the first element customers see – box or bag or container
  2. Inner packaging, where product is housed – wrapping, thin plastic sheet, tube, or presentation box
  3. Product container where real consumable is stored – lipstick tube, perfume bottle or cream jar

Some cosmetic products make use of three or two layers, whereas a few employ single layer. Determine the number of layers your product will need on the basis of market research.

Types of product container

  • Pumps
  • Sprayers
  • Droppers
  • Tin containers
  • Tubes

Customized shapes of containers can increase the cost. Therefore calculate potential ROI, when you plan to consider this extra expense.

Focal points of packaging

Design elements to highlight the product message clearly include –


 Words and fonts used need to be easily readable and memorable. A pair of contrasting color that suits your brand will also help to engage customers.


The product and company logo of your cosmetic product needs to be positioned dominantly on the package [usually in the front]. It represents your product’s authenticity and quality. Health safety information can also be employed as a focal point.

Customers are primarily interested in buying charitable, cruelty free, expert recommended and FDA compliant products. Make sure that all these information is printed on the package without making the space seem cluttered, so consider the sizes and location.

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