How Do You Know That It’s Time For Help From a Ceiling Collapse Lawyer?

Ceilings collapsing is not something that people hear a lot about, other than when some sort of natural disaster happens. However, there are times when the reason for the collapse has more to do with negligence than an act of nature. Depending on what you suspect the cause happens to be, it’s worth the time and effort to arrange a consultation with a ceiling collapse lawyer and find out what can be done. Here are some points to keep in mind.

A Plumbing Repair Leads to the Collapse

Not long ago, you had a plumbing issue. That led to hiring a plumber to take care of the problem. Since the issue had to do with pipes running over the ceiling, the professional spent time repairing and replacing the affected area.

Unfortunately, something that was supposed to be done never came to pass. The result is that the plumbing was still faulty, and the problem eventually led to the collapse of the ceiling. If the collapse was due to something the plumber identified, received permission to repair, and then failed to do so, a lawsuit is in order.

Collapse Due to Recent Construction

The collapse took place in a space that you recently added to the home. As far as you were told, all of the work was in compliance with current local regulations. It was only after the fact that you find the construction did not comply, and that’s the reason for the ceiling falling in.

With this scenario, the accountability is firmly at the feet of the contractor. A lawyer can have the site evaluated, and then discuss the options for seeking compensation from the contractor who was charged with making sure everything was up to code.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

Perhaps you don’t own the place where you live. Instead, you reside in an apartment or a rental home. In either scenario, the property owner is responsible for ensuring that the place is safe for occupation. That includes routine maintenance that prevents situations like ceiling collapses.

If a collapse can be traced back to a lack of proper maintenance, then the landlord/owner is responsible for what has taken place. Your ceiling collapse lawyer can rightfully file a suit on your behalf. If the responsible party is willing to negotiate, your legal counsel can take the lead in seeking to secure a reasonable amount of damages for you.

Injuries Sustained Because of the Collapse

Unfortunately, you were home when the collapse took place. In fact, you were in the room. The fact that you were injured through no fault of your own means that someone is responsible for those injuries. Now it’s necessary to determine who that someone happens to be.

This is an area where your lawyer can bring some order to the case. With the right questions, it won’t take long to determine who is at fault. Assuming it’s not you, then the lawyer can take steps to secure the compensation it will take to recover any medical costs that were incurred as the result of that ceiling collapse.

When there’s a reason to think that the collapse is connected with the actions of another party, don’t try to figure out what to do by yourself. Contact a lawyer, and set up a meeting. There may be quite a bit that can be done on your behalf.

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