Franci Neely Shares the Most Impactful Advice She’s Received

Franci Neely recommends exploring more, especially to the young. “I believe travel is the most valuable education,” she says. “Be open to the experience. Learning about the world and its diversity will undoubtedly be the best education you can receive.” Exploring different countries has taught her about how diverse cultures are, and she enjoys sampling local food and picking up new styles from neighborhood stores. To truly be part of the culture, she always makes sure to leave room in her suitcase for articles of local treasure to take home and remember her journey by.

One of Franci Neely’s most treasured memories of her travels is the relationships she has established and cultivated from the Philippines, Cameroon, and all the other places she has visited. During her travels, she formed a large number of pen pals and still stays connected with many of them to the present. Franci Neely, who was honored as one of the Houston 50 Women of Influence in 2008, expressed that she has been enriched by the experience. She believes that family and friends are of paramount importance to her, citing the five grandchildren and eight godchildren she has gathered in her time. Additionally, she holds dear the many friends she has made along the way.

The Texan is determined to avoid putting things off and always expresses her appreciation for experiences and relationships. She states her fortune in being able to do what she does and having the time to do it. She expresses her wish that her legacy be that she wanted to give back to the world. Her ex-colleague Susman was known for emphasizing the importance of not squandering time, according to Neely.

Franci Neely believes that when one is fortunate, it’s almost a moral duty to give back. She states that money may not be able to buy love, but it can be used to hopefully better the lives of others. This has been something that she has consistently done to assist those in need.

Neely, who once held the position of president at the Houston-based literary arts group Inprint, has been deeply involved with the organization. Inprint seeks to foster writing and reading, while also providing community programs for various age groups and outreach to prisons. Neely stated, “My life is richer for it.”

Neely highlighted the fact that Inprint has impacted the community by serving more than 15,000 patrons annually. She pointed out that since its inception 40 years ago, Inprint has dedicated itself to the propagation of diverse literature, leading to its recognition as a distinguished literary source on a global scale.

The Houston philanthropist has a deep appreciation for the arts, stemming from her childhood spent creating paper dolls and performing plays for her neighborhood. To preserve and promote the arts, she co-founded the Houston Cinema Arts Society and co-chairs the Art of the Islamic Worlds subcommittee of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Additionally, she has chaired numerous galas for Houston-based charities, one of which was the 25th Anniversary Gala of the Baker Institute, with President Barack Obama as one of its guest speakers.

Franci Neely is inspired by one of her most beloved quotes concerning giving, from Winston Churchill: “What we earn is our living, but what we give shapes our life.”

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