Facts About The Human Heart

 Every year we all celebrate world heart day on the 29th of September and this is to

spread the awareness of the healthy heart and to different cardiovascular diseases, which is the primary cause of death in the entire world.

The Human Heart

The heart is part of our body’s circulatory system. It is the muscular organ that functions by pumping blood, circulating oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. If the heart is not functioning correctly or fails to supply blood to the organs and tissues and the individual may die due to the lack of nutrition and oxygen.

Therefore, the heart is an essential organ for our survival.

The human heart comprises thousands of tiny cells, which is the size of our own fist. In the human body, the heart is located in the middle of the chest, between the lungs, slightly behind and left of the breastbone. The heart is mainly composed of valves, four chambers – two atria, two ventricles, blood vessels and cardiac muscle cells, which contracts similarly to skeletal muscle. The heart, blood and blood vessels make up the circulatory, or cardiovascular, system.

Interesting Facts about the Human Heart

There are many interesting facts about the heart and the heart structure, which we are not aware of. Here in this article, let us know some of them.

Fact- NO-1

The human heart weighs between 280 and 340 grams or less than 1 pound. Moreover, a woman’s heart pumps faster than a man’s heart.

Fact- NO-2

Our heart beats about 1,15,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood every day. The beating sound of the heart is caused by the opening and closing of the heart valves. Compared to men, women’s hearts beat slightly faster.

 Fact- NO-3

Both heart attack and cardiac arrest are emergencies and they differ from each other. A heart attack is caused when there is a complete blockage in an artery, whereas cardiac arrest is an abrupt or sudden heart function loss. Heart attack can also lead to cardiac arrest.

Fact- NO-4

Many studies have found that regular walking, yoga and other physical activities can reduce the causes of atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat, which is one of the leading reasons for stroke. Laughing is also good for our heart, as it reduces stress and boosts our immune system.

Fact- NO-5

The sequence of events in the heart between the start of one contraction and the next is termed as the cardiac cycle. The cardiac cycle comprises all of the physiological events associated with a single heartbeat.


The heart is essential to life; it is a central organ of the circulatory system, mainly involved in pumping oxygenated blood to different parts of the body. For proper functioning of the heart, it is essential to maintain both emotional and physical health by following a well-balanced diet, regular physical activities, and decreased emotional well-being.

These were brief information about some crucial facts about the human heart.

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