Drafting the perfect demand letter for a car accident claim

There are many different steps in a car accident claim, however, one of the most important ones is drafting a demand letter and if it is done with right it makes the chances of you getting a good settlement great. When you read more of this article you will get to understand why this step is important and how to hit the nail right on the head with this one.

What should a good demand letter cover?

Once you have healed from your injury, you decide to write the demand letter, and as this is a very important letter you need to cover some important things in it.

Narrate the incident

The first thing you write is a detailed recollection of the accident which means the events that resulted in and happened during the accident. It needs to involve everything from the weather conditions to which way were both drivers headed. You need to back up everything that you say with facts like police reports and witness statements which establish the other driver’s negligence.

Injuries and their medical treatment

Your demand letter needs to have a detailed account of all the injuries that occurred due to the accident. This needs to start right from the symptoms and when you started noticing them and if it was an emergency and you were rushed to the medical care. You need to give a complete report of the treatment that you received for every injury till you stopped treating it actively. It is important that when you are describing the diagnosis and treatment of your injuries use the right terminology and name all the physicians and clinics that you visited in the process.

Total expenses and lost wages

In this section of the demand letter, you will cover all the medical expenses that happened due to the injury that occurred due to the accident and also the wages that were lost due to that injury. Not only that, but it will also cover the estimated losses and expenses that will be incurred due to the injury.

The amount

The last thing that needs to be there on your demand letter is the amount that you are seeking to be compensated for and it is important that you reach this amount after a deep analysis of the above-mentioned things.

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