CBSE 12th Accountancy: Advantages of Using DK Goel Solutions 

Accountancy is frequently feared by commerce students. But, it is also one of the most important aspects of the business. So, if you’re a commerce student, you can’t just ignore the subject since it has a major impact on your total Class 12 grade. As a result, beginning in Class 12 and preparing for Accountancy is the ideal way to go. 

Accountancy in class 12 has a large curriculum with many distinct subjects, ideas, theories, and problems. Following a guide is critical for getting excellent marks in Class 12. Dk Goel Class 12 Accountancy Solutions has long been regarded as the finest study material for commerce students. The solution integrates all of the important subjects in Class 12 Accountancy into a single, easy-to-understand package. As a result, the student enjoys the answers’ rich substance, which allows them to quickly solve even the most difficult problems.

DK Goel Solutions is widely regarded as the most effective tool for acing the Class 12 board test with flying colours. It enables students to organize their time wisely, study each chapter of Accountancy, and answer a sufficient number of questions. The fact that DK Solutions Class 12 is freely accessible online is a significant draw for students. As a result, every student interested in exploring a new realm of accounting may get their hands on the answers.

Dk Goel Accountancy Class 12 Solutions Chapters

There are two volumes in DK Goel Accountancy Solutions for Class 12. Volume 2 contains six chapters, compared to five in Volume 1. Take a peek at the contents of the Volume 1 chapters.

  1. Accounting for Partnership Firms – Fundamentals

Partnership firms are businesses in which two or more people share profits and liabilities. While finalizing an agreement, the parties decide on the accounting ratios. Students learn how profit and loss accounts are handled in partnership companies in the first chapter of DK Goel’s solutions.

  • Profit-Sharing Ratio change among Existing Partners

The proportion of a company’s earnings divided among its different partners may vary over time. This may be due to a difference of factors. You’ll discover how to calculate average profit, sacrifice ratio, goodwill, gaining ratio, and more in this chapter of DK Goel class 12 solutions.

  • Admission of a Partner

A company’s growth may need the addition of additional partners at some time. Due to the addition of a new partner, the current partner’s shares must be adjusted accordingly. This idea is explained in the third chapter of DK Goel’s Account class 12 solutions.

  • Retirement or Death of a Partner

When a partner dies or retires, changes in profit shares and company accounts occur as well. To see how it’s done, look at Chapter 4 of the DK Goel solution for class 12 Accountancy.

  • Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

When a firm dissolves or finishes businesses, its partners are owed certain advantages. The accounting procedures needed when a company entity dissolves are covered in Chapter 5.

Dk Goel Accountancy Class 12 Volume 2 Chapters Summary


  • Financial Statements of Companies

The first chapter of Volume 2 explains how to construct a company’s balance sheet so that a financial statement may be derived from it. The answers to four practice questions are provided in this chapter.

  • Financial Statement Analysis

After drafting a company’s financial statement, examine it thoroughly. This is done to determine how well the company has performed. In DK Goel solutions class 12, Chapter 2 is textual. It covers the goals, applications, and techniques of financial statement analysis.

  • Tools for Financial Analysis: Comparative Statements

This chapter explains how to create comparative balance sheets. This is done totally and compares a company’s different financial accounts.

  • Common size statements 

Common size statements are those that establish a common basis and then use that base to describe all of the components in a financial statement.


  • Accounting Ratios

You may learn a lot about all of the accounting ratios here, such as current liabilities, current ratio, and quick ratio.

  • Cash Flow statement

This is one of the most important chapters in the accounting curriculum for Class 12. To learn about the function, writing, and analysis of cash flow statements, see the 6th chapter of DK Goel’s Accountancy class 12 answers.

The Advantages of Using DK Goel Solutions Class 12

It covers the most important subjects that contribute to the student’s overall growth. Here are some of the most significant advantages of learning from DK Goel Solutions for Class 12.

The top Accountancy faculties created DK Goel Solutions Class 12. The faculties have formulated the answers after months of thorough study and analysis of the previous year’s question papers.

  • Each question receives 100 per cent correct and full responses from the solutions. It covers the full Class 12 Accountancy curriculum, with the most important subjects highlighted. All of these subjects must be learned by the students since they have the greatest chance of appearing in the examinations.
  • The answers include a slew of problems ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. If the students can answer all of these questions correctly, they will have a thorough understanding of the subjects covered in Class 12 Accountancy.
  • It makes no difference whether you are a class topper or just an ordinary candidate since the answers are presented in the most simple-to-understand manner as per Class 12 standards.
  • They may be found for free on the internet. As a result, anybody interested in gaining excellent information on various areas of accounting may pick up the answers and begin their learning adventure.
  • Once students have completed the NCERT chapters, they may swiftly go on to the DK Goel Solutions to explore new issues and acquire the proper techniques for putting their theoretical knowledge into practice and yielding beneficial outcomes.


Dk Goel Accountancy Solutions is an excellent resource for students in Class 12. Because students are preparing for board examinations, they must study thoroughly and strategically to get excellent results. To make studying simpler and more comfortable, each subject is quickly described by the finest faculties and supplemented with some fascinating real-life examples. Chapter-wise Class 12 DK Goel solutions are made in such a way that students can easily understand the concepts used to solve the questions. Dk Goel answers assist students with key ideas and techniques to utilize when answering accounting problems.

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