Buckwheat Honey: Uses, Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits

The demand for Buckwheat is increasing day by day across the world. Many of you might have definitely heard about it. Some of you might even have tasted Buckwheat pancake. Don’t have any idea about Buckwheat? If you think it is something related to wheat, just because it has wheat in its name you are mistaken. Buckwheat is simply a fruit seed and is usually consumed as a grain. Buckwheat plants are related to sorrel and rhubarb.

What is Buckwheat honey?

The honey from Buckwheat blooms, which are small in size generally requires more effort from bees to collect the nectar. Besides, this honey is very nutritious. It tastes awesome too even though it is not as sweet as the regular honey. Another important point which you must know about Buckwheat honey is that it is rich in antioxidants, which is why it is extremely good for your health. It is also very high in vitamins. It is generally an ambered colour with a little reddish tint. The reason for this colour is the dark colour of the Buckwheat flowers.

What are the uses of Buckwheat honey?

Buckwheat honey goes well with a great variety of foods. Due to its thick texture and rich flavour, it is a perfect alternative for maple syrup. You can spread this honey on your French toast or pancake and they taste really awesome. If you try it, you’ll discover that buckwheat honey goes well with a variety of meals. Its flavour and thick texture make it an excellent maple syrup alternative, suitable for spreading over pancakes and French toast.

In barbeque sauces and marinades, it’s fantastic. It lends a tangy contrast to sweet treats like frozen yogurt or ice cream, and it gives bread and biscuits a whole new depth. It can also stand up to the tastes of strong cheeses blue cheese or goat cheese. Many brewers utilize it in the production of beer and mead.

What are the benefits of Buckwheat honey?

  • Skincare: The benefits of Buckwheat honey for skin are numerous. Regular intake of this honey can improve your skin texture. In fact, it can make your skin smooth and glowing. Due to its various skin benefits, it is used in several skincare products too.
  • Wound Care: Wounds actually need extra care. According to research buckwheat honey is found to be very beneficial for wounds. It eliminates bacteria and helps in healing your wounds.
  • Reduces Aging: As Buckwheat honey contains high anti-oxidants, consuming it regularly slows down the process of aging. This means you will look youthful.
  • Reduces Cholesterol: Buckwheat honey can lower your blood cholesterol levels. As high cholesterol levels are not safe for your heart health, it is important to get rid of them. You can also keep a check on the problems like high blood pressure with Buckwheat honey.
  • Reduces Cough: If you or your kids are suffering from cough regularly then take this honey to find some relief from the problem. No doubt, you will find a great difference in your health by using this honey.

Start using the Buckwheat honey from today to stay healthy and beautiful!

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