The word “brand” is dictionary-defined as a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. However, this definition barely even scapes the surface of how a brand is defined in the world of design. “Brand” can mean something different to everyone, whether that person is a current consumer, prospective client, employee, or individual within a larger population. Brands can take on a variety of different forms and identities: a human, an idea, a place, an experience, or a tangible object. This makes the word “brand” difficult to accurately define… and that’s why each successful brand has a logo.

Logos serve as an iconic depiction of a brand and its aesthetic. A logo is a way for someone to recognize and understand how a product or service relates to them. The logo design is a graphic representation of a brand, but building a brand goes much deeper and is more valuable.

Successful brands create logos that have more than just plain text of their company name; they have a specific aspect that hints at the brand’s overall intention, goal, or service provided to the customer. These details make the brand stand out amongst their competition. If you are in need of a logo, whether  you’re creating it by yourself or if you are paying a professional to do it for you – your logo must set you apart from the crowd as an individual brand.

The following examples are 4 successful companies that have developed brands and logos to represent them:

  • Amazon:

This iconic logo has a smiley face arrow beneath the brand name which communicates the brand’s intention: customer service and efficiency. It’s also a clever implication of having every product from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.

  • FedEx:

FedEx creatively incorporates a hidden arrow in between the E and the X in their logo which represents their brand as a delivery service.

  • Taco Bell:

The bell that is depicted in the Taco Bell logo represents the Hispanic culture in relation to Taco Bell’s fast food. The bell can also be associated with a ringing bell indicating that the food is ready!

  • Target:

The iconic target board icon for the store Target implies the shopper will metaphorically hit a bullseye while shopping for what they desire.

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