Are Vinyl Replacement Windows Best for San Diego Homes?

There is a lot more to replacement windows than meets the eye. If you go into a home improvement store that sells replacement windows, you might notice that all of the products look quite similar—even if they are made by different manufacturers. Typically, replacement windows have panes of glass, surrounded by a white frame. The style of the frame may be slightly different, but to the untrained eye, all of the offerings on the market will look very much the same.

However, just because windows look the same doesn’t mean they are the same. There can be substantial differences when it comes to replacement windows—especially when it comes to the window frames.

Replacement window frames are typically made from the following four materials: vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. All of them have their pros and cons, but the most common frame material currently sold is vinyl—by an overwhelming margin. Here’s why:

Vinyl has many great qualities that make it perfect for replacement window frames. First of all, it is a poor conductor of heat. When it comes to windows, this is a good thing! It means that heat and cold have difficulty passing through the material, so the hot and cold air stays outside of the home—where it belongs! This is in contrast to windows with aluminum frames. Aluminum does very little to keep out the heat and cold. Wood and fiberglass also do a good job of keeping out the heat and cold, but when these materials are used in windows, it causes the cost of the windows to increase dramatically.

Vinyl is also virtually maintenance-free. You never have to repaint or reseal vinyl, like you do with windows with wood frames. Give the vinyl an occasional wipe-down and it will look great for a lifetime!

What homeowners tend to love the most about vinyl is the price! It is definitely the best window frame material for your money. Some people will tell you that windows with fiberglass frames are more energy efficient, but they are also quite a bit more expensive up front. It would take a long time to recoup the added cost of fiberglass windows with energy savings.

When you shop for vinyl windows in San Diego, make sure you look for windows that use high-quality vinyl. Cheap vinyl tends to get discolored after only a few years—especially when it is exposed to direct sunlight for many hours a day. You’ll pay a bit more for windows with high-quality vinyl, but they will look good and perform well for many more years. Quality vinyl windows, such as windows made by Anlin or Monte Verde, also tend to come with a lifetime warranty from the window manufacturer.

BM Windows, one of the top replacement window companies in San Diego, sells only vinyl windows to their customers. Owner Michal Bohm explains, “We’ve researched other frame materials and have come to the conclusion that, for the price, vinyl is the best frame material out there for San Diego homes. Overall, our customers have been very happy with their vinyl replacement windows. They look really good in all styles of homes and do a great job of insulating the insides of homes from the outside elements.”

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