Are Dentures Right For You?

The functions and joys of healthy teeth are usually taken for granted until you suffer tooth loss. Whether it is from injuries, gum disease, or tooth decay, teeth loss might affect your appearance and health.

This is where dentures bring a difference in an individual’s life. According to the History Channels, forefathers used to replace missing teeth with dentures made from a combination of metal fasteners, hippopotamus ivory, and human bone. Like dental implants, dentures have a lot of advantages, such as the following:

  1. Guarantee Comfort

Dentists usually create dentures so you can get a comfortable fit. This means that you may talk and eat as you normally would without experiencing any discomfort.

Your oral surgeon or dentist will take a mold of your mouth so as to come up with a replica of all your natural teeth. In case your jawbone changes, your dentist will make new dentures just for you.

  1. Allow Patients Eat all the Foodstuffs They Enjoy

Missing all or several teeth will severely limit the kinds of foodstuffs you may enjoy. Among the main benefits of dentures is that you might begin eating normally again. Well-fitting dentures may help you eat all the dishes you enjoy without frustrations or pain.

Living without dentures, when you require them so badly, may make you live with self-consciousness and pain daily.

  1. Repair Smiles

Dentures are removable devices, which replace missing teeth. They fit snugly against the gums to look natural. Complete dentures are necessary when all your natural teeth are missing. Your dentist may also use a partial denture to fill in all the areas around teeth, but periodically, the expert will need to adjust it for correct comfort, fit, and wear.

If your dentist determines that a particular denture is the perfect treatment option, the professional will remove damaged teeth, take dental measurements, and make a temporary device to fit. Once your gums heal, your dentist will make a final denture, making you have a happy smile and healthy gums.

  1. Improve Speech

The way you form words depends solely on how the tongue interacts with your teeth. Lacking teeth means your speech will change, and some words will be difficult to utter. Getting a denture allows you to restore your capability to speak normally.

Although you may find it unusual to speak with dentures at first, getting used to it will improve your speech. In fact, you will realize how better individuals understand you when you speak with your well-fitted denture.

  1. Present Uniqueness

A denture is custom-made in dental laboratories. Some dental experts usually take patients’ impressions and send them to the laboratory so as to make the right dentures. The impressions should be adjusted severally. Hence, you might need to come in for a visit every week until your denture is complete.

Although complete dentures sit on the acrylic base, which is fit over the gums, partial dentures normally rest on metal frameworks attached to natural teeth. At times, crowns can be added to natural teeth so as to hold dentures in position.

Closing Remarks!

It is difficult to get things to smile about when dealing with dental imperfections, such as a missing tooth. This problem is cosmetically frustrating and lowers your quality of life by making it difficult to speak and eat.

This is where dentures should come in. These devices are a perfect option for people with missing teeth to restore their natural-looking and beautiful smile, though the benefits don’t stop at that. They also make daily activities, such as chewing, simple, thus improving quality of life.

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