Achieve Your Dream by Starting Your Career At BYJU’s

BYJU’S is a very popular name in the world of online education or Edtech. This is a company that constantly innovates, while aiming to drive change through technology. Most people will ask this question when they see the job postings at BYJU’S on job sites: Are these jobs legitimate? Is it worth pursuing a career at BYJU’S? The purpose of this article is to help you decide for yourself if this place is a good fit for you.

Before we dive into the vacancies on the portal, how about a brief introduction to the company? Details about the Byju owner can be found here as well. A Kannur-born entrepreneur, Byju Raveendran hails from Kerala. In 2007, he founded the business BYJU’S classes, which later evolved into BYJU’S in 2011 and the BYJU’S app was released in 2015. Founder and CEO Byju Raveendran won the Manorama Newsmaker of the Year award in 2019 as well as the Forbes India Leadership Award (FILA) Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2021. Prior to this, he was working at a multinational shipping company as a service engineer.

Careers at BYJU’S

If you want a legitimate career with BYJU’s, then this article is for you. Do you often question whether a job fits your skills and interests? You won’t be short of career opportunities if you visit BYJU’s Career Portal. Employees at this company live by the following motto: “Being H.A.P.P.Y – Humble. Adventurous. Positive. Playful. Yourself”.

BYJU aims to revolutionize education, and in that mission they seek individuals who deliver the best, while also building their customer’s trust in the brand. The job profiles found active on the portal range from Academics and Content to Media, Tech, Business Development, Branding, Marketing and Communications to Finance and more.

Learn About BYJU’S Job Opportunities

The Edtech sector has seen more change and growth since technology and the internet were introduced. Everywhere, including in India, webcams and online teaching are being adapted and used. Particularly, the last year and a half have been tough for the education sector, since most schools and colleges had to close for an indefinite period due to the threat of a pandemic.

However, Edtech is one industry that has grown despite this Pandemic of Covid-19 being detrimental to business and industry growth. In addition, BYJU’s has shown incredible potential during this time. It has grown enormously and is still growing even as it expands its network to include over 100 employees at the helm and at various positions across different departments.

There is one sector of BYJU’S that seems to be accepting a growing number of qualified candidates to fill their vacancies: the Academics and Content Department. Here are some of the responsibilities and roles available in this field: Associate, Editorial Team-Content Development, Creative Content Writer, Content Developer/ Senior Content Developer, Associate/ Senior Associate- Content Development and more. The ideal candidates for these positions must have impeccable language skills and a compelling narrative, along with the desire to lead the world to a “Think and Learn” mindset.

Likewise, letting your creativity run wild has also worked to get jobs in the media sector, which includes jobs as a 2D Animator or Motion Graphics Artist, a Digital or Storyboard Artist, and a Concept Art/ Matte Painting Creative Associate. BYJUS also has jobs available in various sectors, including Finance, Tech, Marketing, Branding, and so on for professionals interested in Careers at BYJUS. This main idea or theme is behind all these job opportunities on the company’s portal: if you are passionate about learning, then you will learn.

The brand aspires to nurture talent, even as it helps you to develop or create effective learning tools. These tools also drive you to deliver, excel, and grow in the field of Edtech or online education. Meanwhile, the chief aim of BYJU’S like any other Edtech company is to offer a personalized and practical learning experience. The company is committed to promoting top-of-the-line learning content while giving customers access to excellent teachers, comprehensive resources and a range of online courses to prepare for the individual coursework that customers register for.

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