6 facts to know while understanding the underinsured motorist coverage in Seattle

Getting hit or encountering an accident on the road is a nightmare that no one wants to happen. If it’s a hit-and-run case, the situation becomes more challenging since the insurance claim process further complicates the situation. Check with an underinsured motorist attorney immediately to ensure you get your fair compensation.

A typical motor accident differs when it has an underinsured motorist. The driver either flees or is not having a proper insurance document. This insolvency of the driver further complicates the scenario for asking for fair compensation to the insurance company.

What are the criteria for underinsured motorist coverage?

1) In Seattle, the underinsured motorist norms vary. The insurance company usually suggests a minimum amount but may change if the client chooses a higher limit. The insurance benefits cover the ones mentioned in the policy and any other pedestrian hit in the accident by a covered vehicle when an at-fault driver cannot cover his liability.

2) Usually, the at-fault driver’s insurance should cover up for your injuries. If not, the underinsured motorist coverage will support and supplement the compensation.

3) You should check the terms in the policy to understand the coverage. Because in certain hit-and-run cases, the insurance company does not consider paying if you cannot identify the driver. 

4) In some cases, the insurance company allows you to file compensation if you have a registered police complaint. Also, insurers consider settlement only if the complaint is recorded in a stipulated period. 

Hence some restrictions are placed on how and when the covered individuals can get benefits.

5) There are different personal injury laws, and they provide benefits to the individuals covered. In these cases, underinsured motorist coverage will only come into play where the other laws exist.  In these situations, the filing process is complicated and requires expert opinions.

6) In cases where the driver hits and runs the accident site, the insurers call the vehicles ‘Phantom Vehicles’. These accidents are majorly due to reckless driving. In such cases, an eye-witness can help the case and act as evidence, thus making the insurer support the compensation.


The accidents involving underinsured motorists are complicated, and investigations are time-consuming. The insurance company will always try to lower the payout as much as possible. Do not think before talking to an expert attorney to safeguard your rights.

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