5 Reasons to Choose Professional Home Security Instead of DIY

The home security market has seen an explosion in the number of competitors now in the space. DIY providers have really come into their own, producing and selling wireless systems that are as easy to install as a wi-fi network. And yet, professionally installed systems are holding their own. Companies like Vivint and ADT are still getting their piece of the proverbial pie.

As a homeowner, you might be wondering whether a professionally installed home security system is worth the higher cost. You have enough DIY and technology skills to handle installing your own system. But should you? Only you can answer that question. However, here are five good reasons to choose a professionally installed system instead:

1. Somebody Else Does the Work

Setting up a wireless home security system isn’t terribly hard, but it is still work. It still means taking some time out of your weekend to unpack the equipment, place the devices, and get it all working. A professionally installed system avoids all of that. Somebody else does the work.

Let’s face it, there are some of us who just aren’t into the DIY thing. We would rather spend our free time tending to the garden, playing golf, or taking the family on outings. If that sounds like you, choosing a professional home security system means not cutting into that precious free time.

2. A System That Works Out of the Box

If you were to install a DIY system yourself, everything that came with it would work out of the box. But try adding third-party components and see what happens. Even newer devices from the same company may not be compatible with older equipment. This is less of a problem when you choose professional home security.

All the equipment provided by the home security company works out the box. The same goes for upgraded equipment. When you go the pro root, you do not need to pay attention to new equipment compatibility. Everything that company sells will work with its systems.

3. You Get an Education with Installation

Professional home security comes with a bit of education. In other words, if you were to purchase from Vivint Smart Home, their installation technician would spend some time teaching you how it works. You would learn how to program devices using a centralized hub. You would learn how to interact with your system via your smartphone. Going the DIY route means you are on your own in terms of learning your system.

4. You Get Monitoring, Too

Though there are exceptions to the rule, nearly all professional systems include monitoring packages. You pay a monthly fee in order to have the provider monitor the system from a remote location. Monitored home security offers the added advantage of an extra set of eyes and ears, so to speak, always keeping an eye on your property. DIY system can also be monitored, but most DIY consumers monitor themselves.

5. Around the Clock Support

Finally, a professionally installed system will come with around the clock support. If something in your system ever malfunctions, a quick phone call or online message is all that is required to schedule a visit from a technician. You might get online support with a DIY system, but the provider isn’t going to send a technician to your house to help you fix things.

There are valid reasons to go with DIY home security. But there are equally valid reasons to choose a professionally installed system. If you are planning to install home security in your home, you have a tough choice to make.

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